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Our Products

CT Civil Limited are the New Zealand distributors for a range of products related to the local construction, water and wastewater industries.

CT Civil Limited NZ supply and install all products.

Prime Resins

Prime Resins produce a range of polyurethane grouts, epoxy injection resins and polyurea coatings, optimally formulated for both permeation and compaction grouting operations. These products are unique in that they eliminate water ingress through below ground structures and provide long term protection for concrete from corrosive environments.

These low viscosity injection resins are long-lasting solutions that can be used in a wide range of environments, including:

Manholes, chambers, meter boxes, tunnels, tanks, clarifiers, aeration basins, pump stations, elevator pits, below-grade walls, equipment pits, lateral connections, pipelines, dams, channels, flumes, swimming pools, concrete basements, other areas requiring waterproofing. We offer a range of grouts, including hydrophobic, hydrophilic and compaction resins to repair leaks.

Inflatable Plugs

Temporary inflatable pipe plugs / bungs and test plugs

We are a New Zealand distributors for an extensive range of inflatable drainage plugs and joint testers available for use in the construction, maintenance and testing of pipelines.

Drain and pipe maintenance and testing equipment is used in a broad cross-section of markets such as plumbing, water supply, sewerage and wastewater, stormwater and drainage, pipelines, industrial, rural, irrigation and gas.

Drainchem inflatable Plugs are available for purchase direct.

GeoSpray Geopolymer Mortar

We supply and install GeoSpray geopolymer – a fiber reinforced geopolymer mortar formulated as an environmentally friendly method of rehabilitating pipes and culverts.

GeoSpray liners are spray-applied and help to create a new structural pipe inside the old pipe. No digging and fast to install. Improves performance and strength and less costly than alternatives.

Rehabilitation of large pipes, structures in Civil Infrastructure + Industrial uses. Designed as a structural and corrosion-resistant solution for large concrete structures.

LRM Products

LRM products are non toxic, solvent-free with rapid setting qualities that creates a waterproof membrane, also protecting surfaces from corrosion and rust. LRM products do not give off toxic vapours during application or curing. The cured protective coating has excellent dielectric strength, gas permeability, resistance to corrosion creep back and blistering, is environmentally safe and suitable for potable water.

LRM Product Data Sheet

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