CT Civil Limited

CT Civil Limited have successfully completed a diverse range of infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand.

Infrastructure Projects

GeoSpray Stormwater Sewer Rehabilitation

Auckland City Council

CT Civil undertook the reinstatement of lost culvert invert using premix concrete to reduce some culvert collapse risk. Installation of centrifugally cast geopolymer mortar inside an old pipe to provide fully structural rehabilitation. Ability to perform works with minimal disruption to local residents. Environmentally friendly due to product being inert once cured.

Click Here to read the full Milliken GeoSpray Case Study.

Christchurch Infrastructure Repairs

Christchurch City Council

We are involved with repairing damaged infrastructure across the city, repairing leaks to over 2km of sewer pipelines and eliminating infiltration into sewer manholes. We use CCTV equipment for locating leaks and monitoring repairs.

Ascot Tunnel Repairs

Auckland Council

We worked inside a 400m long, 2m diameter tunnel with access via an 18m deep shaft. Primeflex 900XLV and Hydrogel SX were used to eliminate water infiltration through the pipe joints on the curved section of the tunnel.

Silverstream Pumpstation Repairs on the Taieri River

Otago Regional Council

The pipes of the Silverstream drainage pump station were leaking, causing the Taieri River stopbank to erode and flood the surrounding paddocks. CT Civil repaired the leaks with the internal sealing of three 765mm diameter concrete discharge pipes and the injection grouting of external voids through the pipe walls.

Manhole and Pump Station Leak Repairs

South Wairarapa District Council

We effected repairs at the Featherston pump station and 12 of the feeder manholes to minimise the groundwater infiltration to the sewer system. The repairs substantially reduced the Council’s overall sewer pumping load.

Milliscreen Concrete Channel Refurbishment

Timaru District Council

The areas for repair were located in the confined space underneath and inside the milliscreen sewerage treatment plant. This required the use of breathing apparatus and forced air ventilation due to the presence of high levels of hydrogen sulphide gas. The corroded concrete surfaces were rebuilt using Rapid Repair and long term protection was provided using Armor.

Burkes Wastewater Pump Station

Dunedin City Council

This pump station, constructed 14 years ago, was on the verge of collapse as theconcrete structure was severely corroded and the reinforcing steel had been compromised.We repaired the reinforcing steel and rebuilt the corroded concrete surfaces in the pump welland storage chamber.
The repairs provided the Council a cost effective alternative compared to replacement ofthe structures.

Burkes Wastewater Pump Station

Collapsed Stormwater Structure Repairs

Timaru District Council

CT Civil undertook repairs to an existing collapsed stormwater system below an occupied commercial building.
We installed temporary support to the building to allow the required repairs to be undertaken safely. The work involved excavation under the building to gain access to repair the collapsed section of pipeline, replacement of the lateral and re-connection to the building, and backfill of the void areas using foamcrete to avoid further settlement of the ground and provide long term support to the building.

Vauxhall Wastewater Pumping Station Repairs

Dunedin City Council

We undertook repairs to the 3m diameter x 6m deep pump station and 2.2m diameter x 15m long storage chamber, including the leaking manhole joints and pipe penetrations.
The repairs were undertaken using confined space entry equipment while the pump station remained operational. The corroded concrete surfaces were rebuilt with high strength mortar prior to the application of Armor to provide long term protection of the structures.

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